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Kind words


Mr. Gerry Cummings , Canada

I have been attending Thai classes for six months at Phuket BKK Language School and find the flexibility of the curriculum has enabled me to learn Thai that I need and use every. My instructor has a strong grounding in English and a good sense of humour, which combined makes for fun and understandable sessions. I keep coming back for more, so I believe that speaks well for BKK and its staff.


Miss Kaoru Ii, Japan

All the teachers are openhearted and are kind. They teach well and I can understand from the basics carefully. By the way, I can take a class happily while throwing in a joke. I like this school which has a feeling that home does. I chose this school and it was really good choice.


Miss Etsuko Tada, Japan

It was very good teaching. I can learn more useful words so I can speak with local Thai people. And I can read Thai a little bit. And I also enjoyed learning Thai here. All staff are very nice and kind. I will be back again and learn more. Thank you every one. And special thank to Goong.


Mr. Klaus Zelm, Germany

“I enjoyed studying at Phuket BKK, the teachers were very friendly and there was always a good feeling”

“Studying languages at Phuket BKK was fun, it’s a small school where everybody knows each other”


“I got my Education Visa through Phuket BKK School. Everything went smooth, they are very professional.


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